Cute Baby Kangeroos & Other Animals Get Rescued After Bushfires In Australia Severely Burn Them

Bushfires have been raging in Waroona, Western Australia and they've been not only affecting properties, destroying around 143, but also affecting the local wildlife and domesticated animals. Baby joey kangaroos have suffered burns to their paws and tails, along with possums, cats, sheep, and cattle who have all suffered injuries.

Coming to their rescue has been the Waroona Veterinary Clinic who have been taking in and treating the wounded all for free. Images of the animals with their paws and tails in bandages have gone viral, and all that exposure was good news for the clinic as they rely on donations to help the animals.

In fact they got so much money come their way they asked people to stop sending it. See, the internet can be a good thing.

They've been updating people with the progress of the animals on their Facebook page, and it looks like most of them have been doing well. Little Boy Blue, for instance, was an injured joey in blue bandages who was had burns but is now recovering

Other animals, however, didn't fare so well many have had to be euthanised because their injuries were so horrific. But, one consolation though is at least they weren't suffering from their wounds out in the wild alone.

You can check out some images of the bandaged animals below, many of whom are doing a lot better after being operated on and treated by the clinic.


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