These Ripeness Guides For Fresh Fruit And Veg Don't Sound Right At All

Can you tell when a fruit or vegetable is ripe just by looking at it? Or are you the kind of person who goes around a grocery store squeezing (and bruising) fresh produce in the name of finding the perfect piece?

We're all at one time or another guilty of the latter—some of us no doubt squeeze harder than others but we've all done it.

Don't beat yourself up about it too much, because at least you didn't go to your local store and leave fake ripeness guides for people to find.

That's what prankster Obvious Plant (aka Jeff Wysaski) did. No doubt making some shoppers smile at the unexpected (but sometimes very truthful, see the cauliflower one) advice.

They're more entertaining than the usual produce cards anyway.

You can check them out below. And head to Wysaski's Tumblr or Instagram for more of his in-store pranks.