This Video Explains Why Beats By Dre Are So Insanely Popular

Beats by Dre is an incredibly popular choice of headphone, yet the sound quality isn't that great. So why are people willing to pay a premium price for a pair? In this video Marques Brownlee explains exactly why. The fact is, Beats by Dre isn't about having the best audio experience it's about the power of marketing—a classic case of style over substance.

Brownlee notes how the headphones have succeeded because of clever advertising, which has brought musician-endorsed audio products into the same lucrative realm as basketball player-endorsed sneakers. People buy them not because they want a top quality audio product, they buy them because they want to buy into the image of the brand.

And it's a strategy that's paying off handsomely, as Beats by Dre has cornered 64% of the premium headphone market.


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