iPhone Ringtones Get A Heavy Metal Makeover In This Amazing Headbanging Medley

iPhone ringtones must be the most recognizable smartphone alert noise on the planet, how many times have you heard your phone ring and reached into your pocket to answer a call, only to realize that it's not your device but the person behind you that is ringing.

However unique you think your smartphone is there are probably a few million other iPhone users who share that view with you. Lots of people customize the look of their device to personalize it but very few bother to change the factory supplied ringtones.

YouTuber ToxicxEternity, who specializes in metal versions of gaming music, takes some iPhone ringtones and turns them all the way up to 11 with this heavy metal tribute.

So, Apple geeks, throw that devil sign into the air and start banging that head, because ToxicxEternity shreds them a newbie, using his skills where it's most definitely needed.

Because it's been a very long time since Apple gave these classic ringtones any love, so this comes as a much needed makeover—along with an injection of sheer metal awesomeness.

The medley was done as an April Fools joke to the guitarist's usual audience who like to rock out to metal versions of Tetris, Banjo Kazooie, and Pokemon themes. But, these are so well done that you might want to replace your current ringtones with them.

It would also be a good way to spot the secret metallers when your phone goes off in public and people start nodding their head without realising it.


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