These 'Sherlock' Outtakes Prove That Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Greatest Englishman Alive

As if working on one of the best TV shows around isn't enough, Benedict Cumberbatch shows in these Sherlock outtakes that they also have a great time while filming it.

We get to see Sherlock and Watson burst out laughing in the Baker St kitchen, as Freeman is astounded that Cumberbatch has never heard of the actor John Duttine. "I assumed you’d probably been christened by him. I thought you knew every actor over 50. I thought there was a by-law." Cue Cumberbatch going into hysterics.

And then, best of all, in one outtake Cumberbatch bursts into spontaneous dancing, which will just make you love the show even more than you already do. Unless you hate it, of course. But no one on earth could hate it. How could they?

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