Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon & An iPad Team Up For A Beatbox 80s Hip Hop Classic 'It Takes Two'

It may be a few decades ago now that Will Smith was reinventing hip hop and music as we know it with Big Willie Style (I was being sarcastic with the reinventing btw), but that doesn't mean he still can't lay down some lyrics like the best.

On The Tonight Show recently the Fresh Prince and host Jimmy Fallon (a "classically trained beatboxer") used a beatbox loop on an iPad app (Loopy HD - by A Tasty Pixel - in case you were interested) to bust out Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's hands-in-the-air classic "It Takes Two."

And it's not bad, not bad at all. Will Smith's kids might be the musicians in the family now, but dad's still got it.

Also, in case you missed it. Here's Jimmy Fallon and The Roots doing their version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air title sequence.

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