'Sophisticated Trump'—Donald Trump Re-dubbed With A Posh British Accent Is A Vast Improvement

English accents are notorious for either being associated with Hollywood bad guys or the height of sophistication, it instantly adds some class to the character. British comedian Peter Serafinowicz (who was the voice of Darth Maul) has given one to the villainous Donald Trump to create 'Sophisticated Trump.'

The result is something quite brilliant, Trump is still espousing the mad ravings of a loony. It's just he sounds posh while doing it and much more amusing.

It also makes him infinitely more listenable, and gives him an air of, perhaps not sophistication, but definitely a little bit more of a solemn manner. You still can't take him seriously though.

Actually, what it really makes him seem like is some kind of Peter Cook creation IRL. If you don't know who Peter Cook is, shame on you. Google him.

Serafinowicz has since made a second 'Sophisticated Trump' video because the first one was so brilliant.

You can watch below.

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