'Star Trek Into Darkness' Gag Reel Is Full Of Brilliant Gaffs And Clowning Around By The Cast

It's surprising that the cast and crew of Star Trek Into Darkness ever managed to complete the film. Watching this gag reel they seemed to be messing around ALL the time. And if the aim of the reel is to make us all feel incredibly jealous because these guys have the best job on earth (and space) then it's worked.

Although the film was released over a year ago, a new four-disc Star Trek: The Compendium set was recently unveiled and the full reel of the Star Trek gang destroying the set (looking at you Chris Pine), forgetting lines, and generally having a ball, was featured in the release.

So enjoy it and try not to be too bitter than you'll probably never have as much fun at work as Simon Pegg's having.


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