Putting Your Sexuality To The Test - Straight Guys French Kiss Gay Men For The First Time

Four straight men put their sexuality to the test in a video that sees them kiss—French kiss that is, none of this just lips touching but full-on tongues—gay men for the first time.

The video comes from Bria and Chrissy, who have previously pushed boundaries by having gay men touch a woman's vagina for the first time. And lesbians touch a man's penis for the first time.

In fact, this time around the challenge is far more intimate for all concerned if you think about it, this is not just a case of finding out what something feels like just by touching it, now we are entering into a zone where it will be difficult to keep your emotions unconnected to the event. And who knows, you night even like it.

So this isn't quite so explicit as the previous videos and there are no amusing descriptions of genitalia that gave the other two videos great hilarity—but they wanted to find some straight men who were willing to experiment and challenge some preconceptions about modern male sexuality.

And the straight guys in this video are totally up for it all, after the experience they all seem like they enjoyed it too. Whether they'll do it again, who knows, but they can chalk up "kissing a man" on their life experiences

"We found four amazing men willing to do more than just lock lips with another man." Bria and Chrissy explain. "They are all adamant that they are straight and that they wanted to prove that just by experimenting doesn't make someone gay. Women are able to be more fluid in their sexuality and this video we hope will continue the conversation and encourage people to feel comfortable to explore themselves... any others."


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