Watch The Awesome Trailer For Fanmade Nightwing Web Series

About 18 months ago Ismahawk Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a web series centred around the DC Comics superhero Nightwing. Nightwing becomes the alter-ego of Batman's sidekick Dick Grayson (Robin) after he falls out with the Caped Crusader and leaves Gotham.

And now, after spending the last year making the series a reality, Ismahawk Studio—Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le—have released the full trailer for the fanmade mini series, which will delve into the origin story of the character.

Considering they only had a small budget the trailer's impressive stuff, and the series looks like it'll feature some other characters from the DC universe too, with the villain Deathstroke appearing in this clip. The series premieres on 29 September. Check out the synopsis below:

"Nightwing: The Series" follows the story of Batman's former sidekick, Dick Grayson aka Robin. After a falling out with his mentor, Dick abandons Gotham and everyone in it. Emerging in the City of Bludhaven years later, Dick takes on the guise of "Nightwing” easily defeating the petty criminals who infest it. But he soon realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew when a mysterious and dangerous assassin only known as ‘Deathstroke, begins targeting Bludhaven citizens. Can he defend his new home and the lives of it's inhabitants from the most dangerous foe he’s ever faced!? Only time will tell in this epic 5 part mini-series!

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