Who Should Pay On A First Date? 'Dating Expert' Matthew Hussey Raises Eyebrows With His Answer

Who should pay on a first date is one of those topics that people will always have conflicting opinions about. The options are either the man should pay, it should be split, or the woman should pay.

Seemingly a good way to settle such a debate is to ask someone who considers themselves a dating expert, someone like author and international dating guru Matthew Hussey.

In a room full of women at one of his seminars, one woman asks at what point in the relationship should the bill be half and half. So Hussey takes it back a step and asks the audience, when you're on a date who should pay? "The man!" comes the uniform reply from the audience.

To which Hussey says, "He's supposed to pay? You're supposed to have sex with him whenever he asks." "No" replies the woman, to which Hussey asks "Where does this double standard comes from?"

It's certainly an answer that's going to cause some people to question Hussey's standing as an expert. Because it's not the kind of answer that he should be placing or affirming whatsoever in men's minds. After all, no one no matter what their gender should have sex with anyone just because they're asked to. It's about choice, as always.

But then Hussey goes on from this to make another point, and says that when in a relationship men and women should treat their partner, in terms of splitting the bill, as they would their best friend.

You wouldn't go out to dinner expecting your buddy to pick up the bill, unless they explicitly stated they would. So why would you expect it of your partner?

Some women seem to agree with this, others think its ungentlemanly to expect the woman to pay. It's a debate that looks like it's not going to be settled any time soon.

Who Should Pay On A First Date

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