Tattoo Tights Are Here For Those Who Don't Want To Commit To Getting Inked

Get ready for tattoo tights, your next essential leg-wear must-have. There's no denying leg tattoos stand out, in fact they rock, legs are a highly visual canvas for displaying your designs and can look totally amazing. But getting inked, especially one that's going to be on show like it's etched onto your leg, is one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Get it wrong, or make a decision you might regret later on can leave you with a lifetime of regret.

For those of us who might be tempted it is a big decision to make.

But, thanks to some very clever thinking, it's a decision that doesn't have to be taken at all, even if your chosen design looks horrible, because you can have your cake and eat it with tattoo tights. Tattoo tights are perfect if you like the idea of tattoos but don't want one forever. Think of them as diy tattoos that you can wear for a day.

As their name suggest they're tights that make it look like you've got a tattoo when you're wearing them. Take them off and there's no permanent ink left on your skin. Also, it means you can change designs as often as you change your tights. For any men who got this far you have an entirely different decision to make if you want one.

Tattoo Tights Give The Illusion Your Legs Are Inked

tattoo tights tatul etsy.

You can buy these Lycra tights with hand-printed designs on them from places like 'Stop and Stare' and there's a whole range of patterns to choose from. From intricate birds, plants, snakes, sun, whatever takes your fancy.

You can also get hand-painted tattoo tights from designer by TATUL on Etsy which uses a "modern interpretation of ancient Asian techniques." So as soon as you get bored with your current tattoo, just get another one.

So there you go. Your legs get to benefit from tattoo print tights by having fantastic and stunning designs without any of the commitment. Maybe the next step is for tattoo tights to turn into full body tattoo garments so you can pretend you have tattoos on your arms, face, back, etc—or is that just venturing too far into fetish territory?

Check out some of the tattoo tight designs below.

Tattoo Tights From TATUL & Stop and Stare

tattoo tights tatul etsy 01.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 02.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 03.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 04.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 05.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 06.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 07.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 08.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 09.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 10.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 11.
ttattoo tights tatul etsy 12.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 13.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 14.
tattoo tights tatul etsy 15.
inked legs 01.
inked legs 02.
inked legs 03.
inked legs 04.
inked legs 05.
inked legs 06.
inked legs 07.
inked legs 08.
Stop and Stare 01.
Stop and Stare 02.
Stop and Stare 03.
Stop and Stare 04.
Stop and Stare 05.
Stop and Stare 06.

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