Terrifying: Introducing the Anti-Earthquake Bed Which Looks Suspiciously Like A Horrible Bed Coffin

If you're in an earthquake prone area and suddenly the earth starts shuddering when you're alseep in your bed, you might be susceptible to falling objects and similar types of danger. Not, however, if you have this earthquake proof bed.

That's the idea anyway. And it's an idea that was patented by designer Wang Wenxi back in 2010 who has been perfecting his creation ever since. The video shows exactly how it works, and the idea is that when an earthquake strikes, the bed entombs you in a metal incasing.

An incasing that looks way too much like a coffin for my liking. Just look at the damn thing.

In the video a building collapses violently and thus the bed springs into action. There are two designs.


Flung into the metal tomb you're basically trapped there, waiting to be rescued and no doubt getting increasingly anxious. Sure you have some water and supplies, but God knows how long you might be in there. I'd prefer to take my chances in a normal bed, thank you.

If you have any form of claustrophobia, even if it's very mild, this will be your idea of a nightmare.

Heck, even watching the video might be upsetting.


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