Toddler Throws Tantrum At The White House In Front Of Obama And The Memes Come Pouring In

When a toddler wants to throw a tantrum they don't care if they're in the middle of the aisle at a packed grocery store or at the president's home, they will freak out and throw themselves around, usually for some inexplicable, unfathomable reason.

And so it went with White House correspondent Laura Moser's two-year-old daughter Claudia Moser, who decided to have herself a tantrum while in the company of the President and the First Lady when visiting the White House with her mom during Passover Seder dinner.

Thankfully, for us but perhaps not for Moser, her daughter's floor-bound expression of unhappiness was captured by official White House photographer Pete Souza, who caught Claudia laying face down on the floor in the classic "I DON'T WANNA!" pose that parents everywhere will be all too familiar with.

Moser showed her good humor by tweeting the pic of the incident, which quickly went viral—and also has Obama's brilliantly comedic response with his hands pointing towards the child as if to say, "Look at the crap I have to deal with."

She certainly is, inspiring a Reddit Photoshop Battle which, if nothing else, will give young Claudia a great album to look back on when she's older and the internet as we know it is but a whimsical curiosity of a bygone age.

Take a look at some of the pics below, and remember, never take a toddler to The White House. In fact, never take a toddler anywhere, period.


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