Obama Delivers His Farewell Address With Some Help From Luther, His Anger Translator

President Obama always comes across, in his public persona anyway, as a cool, calm, collected individual. He seems composed, even though the matter of being President of the United States is obviously a hugely stressful job. How does he do it? Does he have help? Many people have pondered over this question.

It's a persona that comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have toyed around with in their sketches that featured Key playing a character called Luther. Luther is Obama's anger translator (Obama's Hyde to his Jekyll) and while Peele's Obama would talk eloquently about policy and current affairs, Luther would let people know what the prez was really thinking.

It was another great and hilarious sketch from the pair who, sadly, announced last year they were no longer going to be making, for now, any more sketches for their Comedy Central series Key and Peele.

But, although a Trump president is imminent, every cloud has a silver lining and the silver lining here is that the pair recently recorded a special skit for The Daily Show due to Obama departing.

For it they brought back Luther with Peele playing Obama for one final time before the current POTUS leaves for good on 20th January, making way for Trump. So, fittingly, they had Obama's anger translator translating the president's farewell address.

With Donald Trump coming to take Obama's place the pair of comedians had a lot of fun with Luther who, to put it mildly, is a little bit, well, peeved at the POETUS.

Because while Peele plays it super chill as Obama, Key's Luther stomps about throwing his hands in the air, completely dumbfounded at the prospect of someone like Trump being the new leader of the USA.

It's hilarious and you kind of feel that behind closed doors, Obama is probably a little bit as bewildered as Luther about what the next four years might hold.

You'll no doubt want to see more of Luther after watching that sketch, so check out his 'best of' moments below.

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