'Tramps Against Trump' Will Send You A Nude Selfie If You Don't Vote For Donald Trump

With both the recent RNC and DNC the countdown has now begun until November when America will decide its next POTUS. Will it be Hilary Clinton, the first female president who many see as part of the establishment they despise? Or will it be Donald Trump an outsider who pedals racism, fear, and hate?

Many in the US, and the world, await with bated breath hoping—pleading—that it won't be Trump. But while they hope one group has taken it upon themselves to do more. Because actions speak louder than words, while nude selfies speak the loudest of anything. That's what Tramps Against Trump are sending out to people if they don't vote for Trump. If you provide photographic evidence that you didn't cast your vote for the Republican nomination, they'll send you nude selfies.

It sounds bizarre but Tramps Against Trump are genuine. The group have taken inspiration from Canada’s Sluts Against Harper which was started by Jessica Simps and is thought to have helped Justin Trudeau to power using a similar tactic. Jessica Rabbit, Tramps Against Trump's founder, told Dazed she contacted Simps and asked if they could translate her campaign over to the US.

"The sex positive activist community is uniting across borders to keep misogynistic men out of the government," says Rabbit. "And we hope this kind of campaign will continue to translate in other countries all over the world."

Rabbit and some of the other campaigners are sex workers and many of them think that a Trump presidency would be bad for them, and bad for women in general. “Whoever becomes president will have a direct effect on what we can and can’t do with our bodies, and how the law will move forward relating to us,” Rabbit told Motherboard. “For sex workers, this is a really important election.”

The campaign seems to be proving popular (see tweet below), which isn't really much of a surprise considering how much everyone loves nude selfies. It's also getting lots of exposure in the media too, which again is no real surprise.

Talking about its reception and impact Rabbit told Dazed, "We have seen ‘Tramps Against Trump’ translate into protest signs, even ‘Trump Vs. Tramp’ signs circulate at the RNC. Good or bad, we have somehow managed to infiltrate the rhetoric around this campaign. We have created language and ideas people are engaging in. That's so fucking powerful! We can't believe it. We couldn't have dreamed for this to have such a major impact already, and we are working hard to make that impact even bigger and stronger every single day."

Whether that impact will carry over to votes, we won't know until November.

It's not just women sending nudes either, you can request a male or female nude and can find out how to do that, after you've voted, by visiting the campaign's Twitter, Tumblr.


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