'The 12 Beards Of Christmas' Ensures Your Holidays Are Full Of Holly, Beard Baubles & Facial Hair

Beard Baubles are a thing, so deal with it. Because lets face it, it just wouldn't be the festive season without certain Christmassy things like holly, tinsel, greed, evergreen conifers, wrapping paper, more greed, and, to a degree, lots and lots of manly facial hair decorated with Beard Baubles.

Well Santa has it in abundance, doesn't he?

With that in mind photographer Stephanie Jarstad decided to put a beardy spin on the 12 days of Christmas.

Her The Twelve Beards of Christmas shows some facially hirsute men with all manner of decorations and beard baubles lodged in their facial hair. She says of her photographic project, "early November, I thought about doing a photography project to support men's health and prostate cancer awareness. Rather than just photographing bearded men, I wanted to do something quirky and fun."

The Beard Baubles range from plastic holly to fairy lights to baubles to ribbons, it's a fine exercise in beard-stuffing. And it looks like the sort of activity that Santa would approve of. All that's missing are some mince pie crumbs and milk stains.

They're also wearing festive sweaters too, so what's not to like? And, what's more, you can do this without spending a cent, just raid the Christmas tree when no ones looking to add some festive decor to your man growth. Beard Baubles rock, but just go a bit easy on the holly though.

Hair hair hair.

Beard Baubles Twelve Beards Of Christmas 01.
Beard Baubles Twelve Beards Of Christmas 02.
Beard Baubles Twelve Beards Of Christmas 03.
Beard Baubles Twelve Beards Of Christmas 04.
Beard Baubles Twelve Beards Of Christmas 05.
facial hair decorations 01.
facial hair decorations 02.
facial hair decorations 03.
facial hair decorations 04.
facial hair decorations 05.
facial hair decorations 06.
facial hair decorations 07.

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