Santa's Little Helpers: His Elves Are Reimagined As Adorable Dogs and Cats With Human Hands

It's not elves that help Santa make all those toys that are delivered to well-behaved boys and girls (or animals in this case), it's dogs. And cats. And they have human hands. And the head animal-elf is none other than Marnie the dog, a social media star.

She's the one that wields the list (and power) which features other animal stars, deciding on whether they've been naughty or nice. Doug the Pug is on the nice side while poor old Menswear Dog is on the naughty side. What has he done to deserve that? Or is it just jealousy on Marnie's part?

The Yuletide commercial is from Fresh Pet who, along with Marnie, have included animals from a shelter in Salt Lake County. And they make for adorable elves as they paint toys, wrap presents, and cause havoc with RC cars.

In a novel (cynical?) way to go viral the company have said that for each YouTube share of the video they will donate a meal to a pet in need at a pet rescue or animal shelter.

You can check out a behind-the-scenes video below.

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