Twitter Feud Of The Day: Azealia Banks Vs. Iggy Azalea

After her social media feud with Snoop, Iggy Azalea is now having another public fight—this time with Azealia Banks. Banks is angry with Azalea for not standing up for black issues, namely the killing of unarmed black men Eric Garner and Michael Brown by the cops.

Banks is annoyed that Azalea is happy to appropriate some aspects of black culture for her music, but ignore others and doesn't get involved when it comes to the issues that matter. So might as well start a twitter fight over it, right? Here's the tweet that started it all.

But that wasn't enough, so Banks threw down some more shade. Like, lots and lots of shade.

Azalea, who must be used to this kind of thing by now, hit back with her own torrent of tweets.

Let's hope they can reconcile their differences. Someone should remind them the holiday season is coming, good will to all rappers and all that.

Come on guys! You almost share the same name, surely that counts for something?

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