'50 Nerds Of Grey' Twitter Parody Is A Hilarious 'Geek Culture' Version Of EL James' Novel

If you think about it, nerd culture can be quite festishistic—all those unboxing videos and the sadomasochism of playing MMO games, so it makes sense to combine the worlds of bondage and geekdom.

Which is exactly what's happened with new parody twitter account 50 Nerds of Grey.

Using the poster boy of nerd culture Richard Ayoade's Moss from The IT Crowd as its profile figurehead (as seen above in the brilliant 'Nerd Club' episode from the TV show), the account uses lines from EL James steamy bestseller and hilariously repurposes them for geeks--And it works brilliantly.

So instead of heavy-breathed references to erotic pain and humiliation, we get tech, Star Wars, Harry Potter, math jokes, Lego, and Star Trek. Which is 100% guaranteed to get any nerd all hot under their polyester collar.

The account only started a week or so ago and it's already amassed nearly 80,000 followers.

Check out some of the best tweets below.


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