How To Avoid A Parking Ticket - British Comedian Joe Lycett Brilliantly And Hilariously Reveals How

Nobody but nobody likes a parking ticket. Sure you may've parked somewhere you shouldn't, but it was only for five frikkin' minutes. Come on! But there are ways to avoid them, ways that don't involve a court order—you just need to know the right person to teach you the right approach.

But don't worry, British comedian Joe Lycett has got your back on this subject in a very funny video above which shows how to do just that. If you have the balls.

It involves asking for evidence of the parking violation and, to be as convincing and effective as Lycett, it also involves a particularly British sense of humor. For instance he brilliantly responds to an email from local officials who say that someone will "hopefully" be in touch soon with the line, "Sadly 'hopefully' doth butter no parsnips."

His email exchange continues and so does the hilarity.

But as well as being a whole lot of fun it's entirely persuasive too. If Lycett is to be believed.

You can check out another one of his parking fine letters below. It begins "Dear Bastards..."

Because when one resides in the United kingdom that's generally how people tend address each other in formal letters of correspondence. Honest.

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