Twitter Responds With Ridicule And Hilarity To Arrival Of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch

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So by now we've all heard and read about Apple's new iPhones and watch. Basically it means Apple now own your phone, your wrist and your wallet.

Thankfully though Twitter was on hand to give its much needed opinion on the new devices, pooling the hivemind to give some real insight into the brand's latest crop of tech, i.e. it ridiculed it. It's the same way the iPad went, we'll mock it now but within the year will be scratching each other's eyes out to get our hands on an Apple Watch.

The event started off not ideally, as there were problems with the live stream which buckled under the amount of people tuning into events at Cupertino. The video would disappear then reappear with Chinese dubs or people were greeted with a test pattern page. Twitter quickly picked up on this, with even Denny's making fun of Apple.

Naturally a hashtag was quickly started #ThingsBetterThanAppleLive.

Once things settled down the excitement was palpable, even pets were looking forward to Apple's announcements, although sadly they would've been disappointed.

Then, as soon of news of the watch broke, the jokes came in thick and fast.

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"Walken: 'Jony Ive carried this uncomfortable hunk of metal in his ass for 4 years.'

The new iPhones didn't get spared either.

There was also a hilarious #iPhone6Questions hashtag where people posted mock questions.

And, finally, the question that's on every Apple fan's lips...

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