It's Battle Royale As 2 Professional Soccer Players Take On A Team Of 55 Kids—Guess Who Wins?

Have you noticed that in Japan they always do things a bit different, mostly involving people struggling against overwhelming odds to come out the victor. Or sometimes not. It must be some kind of Zen-based foray into the whole 'Buddha-nature' thing and the personal expression of this insight in daily life, especially for the benefit of others. Yep, it certainly makes for good TV.

Two Japanese players, Shinji Kagawa and Kiyoshi Kiyotake, take on an army of kids and we're not just talking a few here or even the standard 11 players.

Instead they dribble, pass, and out-skill their way around 33 kids in the first round and then take on 55 in the next. Just because they can.

Even with five goalkeepers defending the goal line the poor kids can't stop the might of Kagawa and Kiyotake.

The clip is taken from Japanese show Kyokugen 2013. Kyokugen translates as "extreme." Maybe FIFA might want to think about running a Kyokugen World Cup every four years in between their other tournament?


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