Video Shows Terrifying Moment Woman Evades Home Invader By Hiding On Roof

It's the kind of situation that all of us dread, crouched in fear, this video shows the moment a Los Angeles Actress Melora Rivera, who appeared in Whitney Houston's final feature film role ("Sparkle"), had to climb onto her rooftop to hide from a man who had broken into her home.

The intruder broke into her house in Venice Beach while she was sleeping.

When she awoke she called the cops and scrambled onto her roof while still only half-clothed, hiding behind a window to escape the invader. The police were on the scene with guns drawn as neighbors and passersby were confused as to what was going on.

"Once I saw him in the house I knew we both couldn't be there," Rivera told CBS Los Angeles. "I knew I didn't want to have a confrontation with him of any sort not knowing what his intention was."

Some people thought that the woman herself was the burglar as she refused to come down from the roof despite police commands. However, any suspicions were soon answered when the burglar appeared on the roof behind her, like some kind of creepy bogeyman.

The woman was eventually brought down from the roof using a fire ladder. And the intruder came down from the roof also. According to NBC Los Angeles a neighbor had already seen the man led away in handcuffs an hour before the roof incident happened.

The intruder, Christian Hicks, 29, who is believed to be homeless was arrested and held on $50,000 bail. He has a court appearance Friday.

The video below shows photographs of the incident.

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