Watch 100 Years Of North And South Korean Beauty Evolve Before Your Eyes

As we know from looking at old paintings or style guides from a bygone era, beauty changes. Whatever trends or fashions are in vogue dictates the popular styles of the time.

In this time-lapse video by the Cut.com model Tiffany Lee shows off the varying and changing standards of beauty in both North and South Korea over the last hundred years, from 1910 to 2010. Things remain the same for both countries up until the division of Korea in 1945 after the end of WWII.

Then, of course, the North gets a more militarised, utilitarian look while the South follows the more global trends. It's a fascinating way of looking at two countries who are geographically so close, but culturally so vastly different.

This is the latest instalment of the 100 Years of Beauty project from Cut.com, you can check out the previous iterations, which cover USA (both white and black fashions) and Iran, below.

100 Years of Beauty: USA (White)

100 Years of Beauty: USA (Black)

100 Years of Beauty: Iran

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