Japanese And Korean 'Heart Hair' Trend Is Turning Men And Women Into Buttheads

Meanwhile, in Japan a new hair-style trend called "hateu aapmuhri" (heart-bangs hair) is seeing women (and some guys too) turning their bangs into carefully-constructed heart shapes, using a curling iron and some strategically placed bobby pins.

The result is an upside-down heart, or is it?

The idea is to do the style then take a pic and upload it to social media. Except, it doesn't immediately bring to mind an upside down heart. More like a butt. A little, albeit cute, outline of a butt made from human hair.

And, as such, is turning them into buttheads—no sign of Beavis though. It's definitely a case of what has been seen cannot be unseen.

The trend started in South Korea and has since taken off in Japan. And 'why' you might ask, well, sometimes things such as this just don't have an answer, however hard you look for one.

Take a look below and see what you think—and see if these people are getting more bangs for their butt (sorry).

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h/t RocketNews24

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