Watch, If You Dare As The Slow Mo Guys Wax Their Legs At An Excruciating 28,000fps

Leg waxing is something many women have to deal with while most men, unless they're professional cyclists, never really have to suffer through. But just so both sexes are on the same level when it comes to what happens, YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys—Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy—have decided to educate us.

They've done this by filming themselves getting a leg wax at a very graphic 28,000fps and at extreme closeup. So you can see each of those individual hairs get wrenched from their follicles leaving no doubts as to what goes on. And it's not a pretty sight.

It also reveals the reason it's so damn painful, which is because the skin of the leg gets tugged outwards in a totally unnatural way—watch in horror as the ultra slow-mo footages shows the pairs' leg skin rippling in waves as the waxing strip pulls at it.

It's at once mesmerizing and totally excruciating to behold. But so quick is the waxing that, due to the slow-mo footage, you can see Free's delayed screaming as he reels in pain, the pain signals taking a few moments to travel to his brain and let him know that, ouch, that hurt.

The guys did make it worse for themselves though.

For one, the fact that they're both so very hairy didn't help one bit, because the longer the hair the more painful it will be when waxed. So, maybe they should have trimmed it a little first.

A few more pro tips were left by an esthetician in the comments section of the video. One was hold the skin taut on the side where you pull the strip from, the other is press a hand down on the area that's just been stripped, as this calms the nerves.

So now you know. Alternatively, don't ever wax.


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