Women Give Their Boyfriends A Bikini Wax And They Enjoy It... Not One Bit

The complaints that come with being a man or a woman are manifold. Men moan about the pain of being kicked in the family jewels, or going bald, women get childbirth, periods, and, the horror of the bikini wax.

Most of those I've just quoted are unique to each specific gender, but bikini waxing is something that men could experience, it's just society doesn't demand it. But girlfriends could demand it.

And that's exactly what they do, all in the name of entertainment and YouTube views in this video from Buzzfeed.

“This is what an exorcism feels like.” is one of the quotes that is uttered as various guys put their private parts up for a waxing.

As you'll gather from that quote, they don't find it an enjoyable experience either. As for the women, they seem to be enjoying the whole thing, maybe a little too much.

But that's the whole point, right?


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