Watch This Hilarious 'The Walking Dead' Parody Set To 'Another One Bites The Dust'

There's no denying, whoever you are, that this is 'dead' good, finally The Walking Dead, your favorite zombie soap opera gets a well-deserved fan-made music video set to a killer song that will leave you hungry for the latest installment of Rick and the gang on Sunday night as they battle to stop arguing amongst themselves all the time and kill a few un-dead along the way.

Comedy duo The Hillywood Show®—sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi—hit a note perfect parody, which is not only very funny to watch, as one of the sisters dressed as Rick Grimes slays walkers in time with the music, but it also features Queen's bass-in-your-face classic "Another Bites the Dust." What's not to like?

They also manage to shoehorn the storylines into the lyrics, along with Rick's anguish and lots of gruesome blood splattering too. Here's what they say:

You've never seen THE WALKING DEAD like this before! The hit show gets a music video make over in this kick-ass parody by The Hillywood Show®! Leave your stuff and thangs at home and join Rick, center stage, in this Queen-tastic parody of AMC's popular series! Comes complete with slow-mo dance breaks and all the Walkers, guts and gore you can handle.


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