The 'Matthew McConaughey For Lincoln' Car Ads Gets The Perfect Parody Make-Over From Jim Carey

If anyone has been watching TV in the US recently (and definitely if you have been following the World Series) you couldn't have failed to miss the TV commercial with Matthew McConaughey driving around in a the new Lincoln MKC (their first entry in the compact luxury crossover segment apparently, in case you actually cared), sprouting forth all kinds of philosophical nonsense about how this is the car that will not just change your life, but also the universe around you, or something like that.

The ad campaign is SO smug with itself that it was begging for some kind of parody, so Saturday Night Live stepped up to the plate and got Jim Carey to take over the role of Matthew McConaughey and pitch a series of superb make-overs of the ads, and boy does he do it in style. Carey gives us a much more simplified translation of what McConaughey was actually talking about and makes us dismiss the meaning of life and ponder the reasons behind why an oscar-winning actor's latest role is in a car commercial and what the hell is actually going on with the weird finger-rolling thang that Matthew continuously does.

The results are a sublime mixture of parody and total humor that only Jim Carey can deliver and it makes you think that if Lincoln used these redux TV ads they might sell a lot more cars.

For those of you who have been out of the US or have just awoken from a coma then take a look at the original ads below:

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