Watch How Skipping Stones On A Frozen Lake Brings Out The Inner Child In All Of Us

Have you ever wondered how you turn a grown man (any grown man) into a little kid? It's easy, you just need water (well quite a bit of water), some very cold weather, a video device to capture it all on and a few stones--and before your very eyes you will see a responsible(?) adult regress into all the behavioral characteristics of a very excited 8yr old. It's an amazing thing to behold.

Whilst out in the woods a couple stumble on a frozen lake and the guy declares that it'd be a great water spot for skipping stones, but a shame the lake's frozen over. However, like most of us, he gives it a go anyway and the results it yields on him (and us) are magical to watch as his excitement level reaches 'eleven' when he witnesses the outcome.

The ensuing footage is a joy to watch as his actions will bring back fond memories that any adult watching this will identify with about just how awesome the simplest of things can be when you are a child discovering them for the first time.

Also. The ending is as close to excitement-induced perfection as you could hope for. Enjoy.

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