It's Here! Watch The Trailer For The Grumpy Cat Christmas Movie

There are two things going on here that could potentially upset you. One is the fact that Halloween has just ended and already there's a trailer for a Christmas movie out (yeah I know moaning about Christmas getting earlier every year is just as bad as it actually getting earlier). And two, Grumpy Cat has his own movie now?

Well yes and Lifetime have released the first trailer for it. It's called Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever and it's either going to make you wish the internet had never been invented, or it's going to be the best early Xmas present you could ever wish for, depending on whether you're 7 years old or not.

Grumpy Cat—who, incidentally, looks that way because she suffers from dwarfism—is voiced by Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza. And plot-wise? It seems to involve Grumpy Cat becoming "friends" with a little girl and blowing things up and firing a paintball gun and other hilarity.

It's on Lifetime 29 November, a FYI in case you're planning to get insanely high that day and need something to watch.


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