When Will People Learn To Never Ever Ask The Internet For Photoshop Help

You would think that with all the examples online of people getting burned when asking for help with photoshop that no one would dare ask again.

Maybe they didn't get the memo or they're a suckers for punishment or they're just trolling the trollers. Either way, someone else has submitted a photo to 4chan asking for help photoshopping an image.

Ok, total rookie mistake right there, i mean, if, and i seriously do mean 'if' you were dumb enough to actually think there are good people out there, ready to be a Samaritan and come to your aid and help you with your image adjustment request, then the absolute last place on the internet they would possibly be hanging out is 4chan (sorry 4chan, i'm sure everyone there is really nice, but the nature of this guys image request is like leading a lamb to the slaughter on your site.)

The pic shows them standing next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They're doing the classic tourist pose of holding their arm out as though they're stopping the 800 year old structure from toppling over.

Except the guy's hand isn't quite near enough, instead it's just holding up nothing. So he posted the pic asking "guys could you please fix this for me?" And people went about fixing it, just not in the way the poster intended.

Here's the request:


And here's some of the "help" the internet offered.


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