Witness An Amazing Feel-good Moment When A Little Girl Experiences Rain For The First Time

Having a cruddy day, need something to give you a lift, that 13th cup of coffee not doing it for you? Then worry no more because this video should bring a little joy into your cold, cold cynical heart as a cute little girl runs outside and enjoys the sensation of rain for the first time in her life.

It's an amazing heart-felt moment as you see her brain trying to comprehend what is transpiring and you can almost see the exact moment when it gives up and says "I have no damn idea, but it's pretty cool, lets enjoy this!"

And so begins the moment she is completely overcome by the magic water falling from the sky. It gives you a warm tingle all over watching her.

We truly are mesmerized by watching a young child experiencing something for the first time, it makes us think of our own childhood and how our memories of that time have a golden tint to them and everything seemed so simple. Happy days.

But you know, it’s a little irresponsible too, she could catch a nasty cold after being out in wet weather like that. I mean, is that really good parenting?



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