Dogs Meeting Kittens For The First Time Will Definitely Dial Your 'Cuteness Level' Up To Eleven

Dogs and cats, it's never going to be an easy relationship, with 2 completely different personalities and outlooks on how to adapt to domestic life you feel that the meeting of these 2 animals will end up something like Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty, The Giants vs. The Dodgers, or Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.

You just know the outcome will be very unpleasant. But actually you'd be very wrong.

And to prove this age old theory wrong we present you with the initial introduction into the household and the first meeting of some extremely cute kittens and the family dog, you'd think it would be a recipe for mortal disaster, but in fact it's quite the opposite.

It seems like even the most hardened of canines have a soft spot for these cute vulnerable bundles of fluff and suddenly adopt a completely non-aggressive attitude towards the adorable new family additions and are full of curiosity and protectiveness towards their arch enemy.

It's enough to make you weep tears of joy at the realization that cute little kittens could possibly bring about world peace, but hold that thought, the first meeting between dog and kitten might not go so well and needs constant observation, just in case the cute baby feline becomes a tasty snack for the dog.

And if you are hungry for more cuteness overload don't worry, Buzzfeed have got your back with 'Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time', it's guaranteed to get you aborbz juices flowing.

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