Woman Leaves Hilarious Yelp Reviews Of Her Past Dates, Gets Kicked Off The Site For Doing So

Yelp is a place where people go to leave reviews and rate restaurants and bars, and rate dates too. At least that's what New York actress Natalie Walker decided to do. Thinking it would be a fun and a novel way of using social media, she journeyed (mentally) back to the dates of her past, and wrote up reviews of them at the places they took place.

She began to do this in earlier January, declaring on Twitter, "I am leaving Yelp reviews for every place I have ever gone on a date but just reviewing the date."

Meaning no ill will towards the establishments where they took place, some of the dates get the full five stars because they rekindle fond memories, others she doesn't rate quite so highly.

"I read a review where a girl made some superfluous comment about her boyfriend, which led me to wonder what would happen if someone bypassed critique of the location altogether and just reviewed the experience," she told Mashable. "I tweeted it initially as a dare in the second person, but then thought it'd be funny to do a few and screenshot them."

You can check out those screenshots below.

download (1)
download (2)
download (3)
download (4)

While her reviews went viral Yelp themselves weren't exactly fans. Instead they removed Natalie's comments, much to the disappoint of Natalie.

Although she was devastated that her fun was over, it did set off a humorous exchange between her and the Yelp representative, called Pam.

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