Woman Totally Freaks Out Playing Virtual Reality Horror 'The Brookhaven Experiment' For First Time

If the developers of The Brookhaven Experiment, a virtual reality horror shooter for the new HTC Vive headset, were looking for a great advertisement for their game, this video is it. It features a woman, called Renate, totally freaking out while playing it for the first time as zombies close in on her from every angle while she attempts to shoot them down. It seems the immersion is all too much.

Meanwhile her friend, presumably the owner of the headset, helpfully sniggers away in the background. Leaving her to shuffle around on her feet emitting sounds of terror and fright straight from a horror movie. All she can do is fire virtual bullets into the darkness and hope for the best.

The HTC Vive is the most recent high profile addition to the world of VR gaming, and comes from phone company HTC and game developer Valve. Games are released through Valve's online Steam distribution platform and any game developer can build one for the headset and release it on Steam for people to download.

Most of the games on there are demos as developers get to grips with the technology, but they're also great pointers in how familiar gaming genres will play out in this shiny new virtual realm.

Horror survival game The Brookhaven Experiment features an experiment gone wrong and places the gamer in darkness. They're given a torch and a gun (the Vive comes with two handle-like controllers that gamers hold with trigger buttons) so they can fend off the zombie hordes.

As Renate shows in the video it will be completely terrifying for some people, but mainly it looks like a whole lot of fun. Check out the trailer for the game below.

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