"Xbox Biatch!" Aaron Paul is Accidentally Turning on People's Xbox Ones

Aaron Paul has been turning people on for years, but now it seems they are giving him hate for turning on their machines--If you are a Xbox One owner and also a Breaking Bad fan then there might be trouble in store for you if you happen to catch Aaron's new ad for the Xbox One on your TV.

Hundreds of Xbox One owners have been complaining that a new TV commercial has been switching their consoles on without their permission. Is it witchcraft, or is it just bad copywriting?

The ad - featuring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul has the actor say "Xbox On", which every Xbox One owner knows triggers the machine's Kinect voice/motion sensor, activating the console. I kinda get what they are trying to show the audience, but come on, it's a bit of Darwin short-sightedness from whatever ad agency came up with the brief for this ad slot.

A spokesman for the firm said it had no comment at this time, but noted that previous ads had also featured voice commands, but it looks like Xbox One is showing some class by only responding to the ad featuring Aaron Paul, which is kinda cool!

Many people have posted comments about the problem on social media sites. Here's a sample of what they have to say:

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