It's Jimmy Fallon Versus Pierce Brosnan On N64's 'GoldenEye 007'—Who Will Win?

For anyone of a certain age, the N64's FPS GoldenEye 007 will forever have a fond place in their mind. You'll have cherished, golden memories of deftly creeping around the Bunker with a silenced PP7 to deliver sublime headshots, or screaming foul and pestilent language at your best friend on multiplayer.

Basically it's: BEST. VIDEO GAME. EVER. And Jimmy Fallon agrees, so when he had Pierce Brosnan on his show he had to challenge him to a game. But the results might make fans of the game a little bit upset.

Because, even though Brosnan has probably hardly ever played the game before (he says he's played it once), as a fan you kind of kept in your mind the flame of hope that Brosnan was a total pro at it. This video proves otherwise.

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