Zookeepers Are Recreating Chris Pratt's Iconic Jurassic World 'Raptor Pose' - #JurassicZoo

While Jurassic World is having a huge impact at the box office, with it's opening weekend takings beating those of The Avengers: Age of Ultron with around $209 million in three days in the US, the film is also having an impact on zookeepers too.

It's that scene from the movie (above) where action-man Owen (Chris Pratt) bravely goes into the raptor paddock to rescue a co-worker who has fallen in from a gantry and stands with arms outstretched while trying to out stare and tame the dinos into submission after they have become aroused by the possibility of some human fast-food.

Don't panic if you haven't seen the movie yet, this clip has been in every trailer so far for the film.

It's such a profound scene fro the movie that is has encouraged animal Keepers from aquariums and zoos around the world to start posting pictures of themselves re-enacting the Chris Pratt 'raptor pose' and posting their efforts to Twitter with the hashtag - #JurassicZoo

It's the perfect homage to the actor Chris Pratt who's beard style can only be described as the 'five o’clock shadow'.

Tumblr user Feminerds pointed out the trend in a post about her best friend "taming" some walruses, saying "My bestie is a zoo keeper, and she told me that because of Jurassic World it has become a craze in the keeper community (!) to re-enact Chris Pratt. You guys, this is the best."


The post went viral with reblogs and likes and now a whole meme seems to have been started, with various keepers and trainers posting their own versions with different members of the animal kingdom.

It's hilarious, possibly even better than the movie itself.

Check out some of the best below.

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