10 Honest Jingles For Most Loved/Hated Companies In The World Sung In The Most Metal Way Possible

Delivered in the most metal way possible, by screaming down the mic, YouTuber Jared Dines provides much more honest jingles for some of the most well-known and loved/hated companies in the Western world.

From McDonald's to Facebook, Redbull to Tumblr, Dines sums up what the companies and the services or products they provide mean to most of us.

Not only are they commendable for their succinct summarizing but they're also much less annoying than your average jingle, thanks to Dines' chosen method and style. So get that devil's sign in the air and ROCK. ON.

Just in case you can't understand all of Dines' guttural roars, here's what each of the revised jingles are:

Facebook: I will consume your life, making you socially awkward just keep hitting that like button. Do you wanna play Farmville? I promise we are not spying on you.

McDonalds: Buh duh duh duh duh...Heart attack.

Instagram: Selfie life is the life for me. Hashtag no filter, I'm naturally orange. Out at lunch, look at my food now. Why did I just lose a bunch of followers?

Google: We will rule the world, and then the galaxy too. But for real, who the hell uses Google Plus??

YouTube: Oh my god look at that cat, it's so damn cute. Is that a baby cheetah? I love Pewdiepie.

Snapchat: Look at my picture, but don't you dare take a screenshot!


Twitter: Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet...Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet ReTweet...Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet..TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!

Marlboro: Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke

Tumblr: I'm so depressed, and I love american horror story. Please reblog all of my posts, if you don't I'll cut myself.


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