'Black Metal Cats' Hilariously Pairs Fluffy Felines With Some Dark-As-F Heavy Metal Lyrics

Don't be fooled people. Behind your cats seemingly leisurely pose as they rest on your bed pillow, like the cutest ball of fluff you've ever seen, covering it in hair, lies the darkness of the reaper, the ancestral rage of the children of the night. Or maybe they're just thinking about what cat food flavor is for dinner.

It doesn't matter, what matters is that cats are innately metal and Twitter account Black Metal Cats hammers (of the gods!) this point home by pairing pictures of cats with the metal lyrics they so rightfully deserve.

It's one of those leftfield but perfect juxtapositions that the internet does best, and is the perfect way to give yourself a smile while sitting in the office. One things for sure, you'll never look at a cat in the same way again.

Some of the cats look more metal than others, actually, some look positively like guardians of the underworld, a far cry from the furry ball pf cuteness we all come to know and love on the internet, but it's also a lot of fun to see the lyrics to heavy metal music completely out of the context of their songs.

They're brilliant examples of OTT dark poetry fed by the black heart of Lucifer himself.

It's completely ridiculous while also completely hilarious. And it might make you want to pursue a career writing black metal lyrics, it makes me want to anyway—because it seems like a whole lot of fun.

Check out some examples below and follow Black Metal Cats on Twitter for more.

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