12 Images Of Shaolin Monks Training That Will Completely Blow Your Brain

Shaolin Monks conjure up images of badass kung-fu masters who can balance on one eyelash and shatter the hulk of a ship just by frowning.

But they don't get to be like that by sitting around eating Dominos like the rest of us. They train like inhuman machines and contort their bodies into shapes that make you cry salt tears if you stare at them for too long.

With that in mind, cast your gaze below and sit in awe at how incredible these monks are.

1. Balancing on one leg. And he's not even grimacing.


2. Carrying buckets of water like that has really got to hurt.


3. Not sure what that water's done, but it probably regrets it.


4. They'll bend over backwards to master the art of Shaolin Kung Fu.


5. They might not be able to walk on water, but they can walk on walls.


6. Ouch.


7. Not even Batman can do this.


8. Now that's how you do a headstand.


9. Holy crap, they can walk on water! Well, kind of. There's actually wooden boards beneath him.

To fly on water

10. Not only can he jump that high, he can do the splits while he's there too.


11. Why lord, WHY!?


12. No one knows how they do this. But it's believed they return to their natal stream to reproduce.