'Busted' Of The Day: 20 Celebs Who Didn't Realise They Got 'Caught Staring'

Lets be honest, celebrities are just the same as the rest of us when it comes to beautifully shaped women--and who couldn't resist checking out a beautiful female celebrity when they don't think anyone is watching them, it's just human nature, but when it's captured on camera it reaches a whole new level of awkward and makes for some pretty damn funny pictures.

Here is a list of the top 20 celebrity offenders caught in the act, some have no shame whilst others have a very discreet technique

20. Brad Pitt checks out Angelina Jolie - But seeing as they are married, does that count?


19. Zac Efron checks out Vanessa Hudgens - They were dating at the time so it's almost allowed.


18. Woody Allen. He may be a great director but he shows no skills whatsoever in disguising his obvious stares.


17. Gerrard Butler checks out a cheerleader - Full points for his total enjoyment of the occasion.


16. David Beckham caught staring at a cheerleader - It's not a good idea to get caught doing this whilst you are seated next to your wife.


15. Oliver Stone checking Out Salma Hayek - Use of a hand gesture is always a good distraction.


14. Dustin Hoffman checks out Angelina Jolie - Unfortunately for Dustin modern technology is difficult to refute.


13. Samantha Ronson checking out Lindsay Lohan - Proof that it's not just the male of the species who are prone to doing this.


12. Bruce Willis checking out Halle Berry - Showing he is a 'Die Hard' fan of the opposite sex.


11. Will.i.am checking out Pamela Anderson - To be honest it would be pretty hard not to in that dress.


10. Ellen DeGeneres Checks Out Katy Perry - Her lack of subtlety is wonderful.


9. Elton John checking out Katy Perry - Proving that despite your sexual persuasion, guys will always be guys..


8.Pitbull checking Out J Lo - What a performer this dude is!


7. Russell Brand checking Out Kristen Bell - He looks 'Frozen', just like a rabbit caught in a car's headlights.


6. Bradley Cooper checks Out Jennifer Lawrence - Well, who wouldn't?


5. Hillary Clinton checking out Christina Aguilera - I am surprised, Bill yes, but Hillary is a dark horse.


4. Woody Allen caught checking out Scarlett Johansson. I'm beginning to realise that this man has no shame and admire his total dedication to the cause.


3. George Clooney checking out Stacy Keibler - Bending down to kiss her hand, now this is a smooth move--definitely top 3 material.


2. Daniel Radcliffe checks out Emma Watson - Impressive that he started so young


1. Justin Bieber checks out Selena Gomez - On TV, in front of a huge crowd, now that's a talented entertainer.


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