These Are The 15 Types Of Car Radio Singers—Which One Are You?

You're alone in your car driving along, the radio's blasting out some music, it would be rude of you not to clear your throat and start singing along to it—it's a driver's prerogative, after all.

But the question is: which technique do you use? YouTuber Chad Neidt runs through 15 different styles in this video, and if you own a car and you have a radio in it you'll be able to relate to at least one of them.

They vary from the Premature Chorus Singer (there's a little bit of that one in us all), to The Flake and The Master of Mouth Guitar—most likely you're change between a few of them, depending on what you're singing.

Just a final word of warning to anyone thinking of doing this, although 'The Eye Closer' is a classic choice for any car radio singing connoisseur it's probably not a good idea to try this one out and get carried away if you happen to be driving.

Now turn off the internet, go to your car, turn on the radio, drive. And sing your heart out.


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