Just How Socially Crazy Are You? 22 Of The Most Unbelievable Extreme Selfies Of All Time

It's easy to write off this (sometimes annoying) trend as a silly, narcissistic fad, but love them or hate them, 'selfies' are here to stay and however hard you may try to resist, it's only a matter of time before you too will be part of the self-shooting photographic phenomenon, i guarantee it.

But as more and more of us are joining the craze it is beginning to push the boundaries of just how unique and exciting you can make your selfie to stand out from the crowd and that means entering the realm of the 'Extreme Selfie', a place where you put fear, sensibility and brains to one side and pick up bucketfuls of courage, guts and general craziness.

Below are 22 of the most extreme selfies out there that we've managed to find at this time, starting off with situations that maybe the bravest of us just 'might' attempt, but very quickly moving onto scenarios that invokes the phrase 'NOPE!' form everyone, except the mentally insane of course. Enjoy.


22. Jumping off a high diving board is hard enough, taking a selfie whilst doing it takes it to another level.


21. Nice framing, but if i were you i'd be concentrating on a safe landing.


20. It takes a lot of guts to jump off a cliff, it also takes a a lot of brains to realize that you should not be taking selfies in this situation.


19. Speeding around a ractrack at 150mph is probably not the best time to take a quick photo.


18. "OMG, i'm surrounded by poisonous jellyfish, what should i do...i know, take a quick selfie!"


17. Skydiving and selfies don't really go together now, do they?


16. There are so many things that could go wrong with this scenario i don't know where to start...


15. Taking selfies with pets is fine...with dangerous cheetahs, not so fine.


14. Dude, you are in the sky flying a plane without an engine, it's not really a good idea to get distracted.


13. However you try to justify this as a good idea it isn't going to cut it!


12. No brains or no fear, you decide what this crazy guy has a lack of?


11. Ok, so you are at the top of a very, VERY tall building, for God's sake hold onto something!!!


10. H'mmm, lets just hope he doesn't go for the classic 'selfie from above' angle, it could get messy.


9. Jumping out of a perfectly good hot air balloon is crazy, taking a selfie whilst doing it is insane!


8. Oh dear God, i need some context on how this man is doing this - It's freaking me out!


7. "This is your captain speaking, could all passengers seated on the right hand side of the plane please look out of their window and smile."


6. How the hell did this guy get up there, and more importantly, how is he gonna get down?


5. Yep, makes sense to me--He's in a fighter plane firing missiles and taking selfies--what's not to understand?


4. This could go so, SO wrong at any moment.


3. Yep, makes sense to me (part 2)--He's in a fighter plane with someone firing missiles at him, and he's taking selfies--what's not to understand?


2. You've just crash landed in the middle of an ocean, thousands of miles from land, what do you do now?...... Yep, you guessed it.


1. In space, no one can hear you scream...or see you take selfies.


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