50 Innocent Pictures That Can Become Completely Inappropriate By Adding A Brazzers Logo

All it takes is a misplaced Brazzers logo and scenes of innocence from Disney movies to pictures of British royalty to create a new Brazzers meme and represent something completely and utterly inappropriate. it's that easy.

That’s what some Reddit users found out when they took part in an Ask Reddit thread which asked them to put the logo of popular porn site Brazzers onto completely innocent pictures. The hilarious and troubling results, which will definitely shatter your childhood memories, begot the Brazzers logo memes that you see below.

If you fancy giving the Brazzers logo meme a go yourself, it's only too easy. You just need to firstly do a Google image search for a Brazzers logo png or a Brazzers transparent logo. If you don't know what a png file is, it's an image file that if you open it in Photoshop will make the Brazzers logo transparent.

Then find a seemingly innocent image, open it in Photoshop, get your transparent Brazzers logo and then just go ahead and add Brazzers logo to your image. There, you're done, and now you can feel very proud of yourself.

An instant Brazzers meme.

Or, if you don't fancy doing it the hard way, you could always use a Brazzers logo template, brazzers logo maker or Brazzers meme generator to turn harmless images into something that the immature part of your mind (for most that's probably all of it) will get some juvenile delight from. Then you'll no doubt find yourself laughing out loud, because if nothing else these funny Brazzers logos are entirely hilarious.

Just make sure no one inappropriate is standing behind you when you peruse them.

A Brazzers Logo Can Transform Any Innocent Image

Brazzers logo png kate and william.
1. William and Kate - You would never expect royalty to behave like this in public.

Brazzers logo png rugrats.
2. Rugrats - This is SO wrong on far too many levels.

Brazzers logo png The Simpsons.
3. Simpsons and Katy Perry - Strangely enough adding a Brazzers meme logo makes this more believable.

Brazzers logo png Monsters INC.
4. Monster Inc - You never know who's going to come into your bedroom at night.

Brazzers logo png Ariel Disney.
5. The Little Mermaid - Adding a Brazzers logo to this suddenly makes thinks very interesting.

Brazzers logo png Donald Duck Disney.
6. Donald Duck - The naughtiest duck ever to appear in a Disney film.

Brazzers logo png rugrats1.
7. Rugrats: Tommy and Chuckle - For some reason Rugrats is a very popular inappropriate logo addition choice.

Brazzers logo png Pluto Disney.
8. Pluto - What a very naughty dog...'DOWN BOY!'

Brazzers logo png Shrek.
9. Shrek - You'll never be able to look at Donkey in the same way ever again.

Inappropriate pictures She Ra.
10. She-Ra - The Princess of Power certainly has some kinky tastes (i wonder if He-Man knows?).

Inappropriate pictures Frozen.
11. Anna from Frozen - 'Do you wanna blow build a snowman?

Brazzers logo 55.
12. Mulan - I'm hoping that's McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce she has in her mouth?

Inappropriate pictures Spongebob.
13. Spongebob - Oh dear god, Spongebob, NOOOOOOOOOO!

brazzers meme The Lion King.
14. Lion King - I always knew Mufasa didn't like Scar, but this is a bit extreme.

Inappropriate pictures Cinderella Disney.
15. The Rescuers - The Brazzers logo has not been kind to these poor mice.

brazzers meme E.T.
16. E.T. - Where the hell has the extra terrestrial's finger been?

Inappropriate pictures The Lion King Simba.
17. The Lion King: Sarabi - Simba's mother becomes totally inappropriate when a Brazzers logo is added.

Inappropriate pictures Arthur cartoon.
18. Arthur - The bespectacled aardvark discovers tentacle porn.

Inappropriate pictures Spongebob2.
19. Spongebob and Patrick - We suddenly see Patrick's dark side.

Inappropriate pictures golden shower.
20. Slip N Slide - When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Inappropriate pictures The fox and the hound disney.
21. Fox and Hounds - Words cannot begin to describe how wrong this is.

Inappropriate pictures celebration.
22. Grand Prix - To the winner cum the spoils.

brazzers meme Justin Bieber.
23. Justin Bieber - Sometimes you wish that adding a Brazzers logo would make things like this be true.

brazzers meme Pokemon.
24. Pokemon - Sometimes Pokemon love their trainers a bit too much.

Inappropriate pictures Kim jong il.
25. Kim Jong-un - 'Refuse my requests and you die.'

Inappropriate pictures Avatar.
26. Avatar - Strange things are happening in the forest.

brazzers meme Big Dog.
27. Doggy Style - This is not what 'give a dog a bone' means.

Inappropriate pictures BIG.
28. UP - I'm not sure this is what Carl Fredricksen had in mind for Dug the dog.

brazzers meme Bush.
29. George Bush - He would have done anything to get a vote.

Inappropriate pictures Crowd.
30. Nicki Minaj - Two's company, three's a crowd, 16 is something else completely.

brazzers meme Cucumber.
31. Cucumber - I do hope they are just going to eat it and leave it at that?

Brazzers.com Dog.
32. Good Doggy! - That was not the kind of treat this mutt was looking for.

Brazzers Logo Frozen 2.
33. Frozen - This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Brazzers Logo Game Of thrones.
34. Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen gets in way above her head.

Inappropriate pictures Locker room.
35. ICarly - Guess what rhymes with Sam Puckett's last name?

Brazzers Logo Malcom In The middle.
36. Malcolm in the Middle - Looks like Hal likes being at the head and not the middle.

Inappropriate pictures Old Lady.
37. Sweet Little Old Lady - Isn't that sweet after all.

Inappropriate pictures Pastry.
38. Baking Bad - What have they done to this poor kitty?

Brazzers Logo Snow White.
39. Snow White - Every night Snow White had a difficult choice to make.

brazzers meme Soccer.
40. Fantasy Football- This is a very inappropriate team play.

Inappropriate pictures Splash.
41. Splash - Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours, sometimes it's WTF!?!

Inappropriate pictures Spongebob again.
42. Spongebob - Will someone give this poor guy a break.

Inappropriate pictures Swimming.
43. Swimming Ladies - Ever wonder what your grandma gets up to in the pool?

Inappropriate pictures Wedding.
44. Just Married - 'For better and (unfortunately) for worse.'

brazzers.com WWF.
45. WWE Extreme Rules - When big is a bit too 'big'


brazzers.com Spongebob3.
46. Krusty Krab - It's not looking good for Mr. Krab.

Inappropriate pictures soccer.
47. Soccer - I'm sure that warrants a red card.

brazzers.com monkey.
48. Orangutans - I bet she wasn't expecting this type of monkey business.

Brazzeers logo pokemon childhood ruined.
49. Pokemon - Prepare for your Pokemon childhood to be ruined forever.

Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.
50. 'That's The Spirit' - I will never be able to watch 'Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron' again.

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