Dog Tattoos That Are So Cool All Dog Lovers (And Even Your Canine) Will Think Are Awesome

Dog tattoos are a great way for pet owners to show they love their dogs so much they want to immortalize them, but you need to make sure you get it right. So if you're looking for ideas for dog tattoos, ideas that will ensure you don't end up wearing something you regret, these incredible canine tattoo designs will definitely give you some inspiration and food for thought. Forget about the basic dog paw print tattoos, these beautiful dog tattoos are definitely 'next generation' designs for all occasions and what every dog lover will appreciate.

It might be that, sadly, you're beloved pet is no longer around and so memorial tattoos might be something you're interested in doing. What could be a better loving gesture than a personalized dog portrait tattoo of your departed pet to remember them by. Nothing beats a dog remembrance tattoo to bring a tear to your eye.

Or maybe you don't even have a dog, small or otherwise, and you just like the thought of having man (and women's) best friend for a design. Then again it could be that in your culture dogs are represented in a different way, as a form of protection. If so then a Foo dog tattoos could be just what you need.

Why You Might Want Foo Dog Tattoo Designs

foo dog tattoos.

According to website TattooEasily.com "Foo dogs are a mythological Asian creature designed to protect people from harm. It is for this very reason that many people decide to get them inked onto their skin. Though they are named “foo dog” they are actually lions meant to represent guardianship."

Be it whether you want a symbol of dogs, like a bone or paw prints, a collar, even dog portrait tattoos, or something more abstract or minimal like just a dog outline. Or you wanted maximum cuteness and are after a puppy, if so then these beautiful designs for dog tattoos should give you some ideas to draw inspiration from.

Check out the below and you won't be disappointed.

36 Dog Tattoos That Will Get Your Tail Wagging

Dog Tattoos - 01.
Dog Tattoos - 02.
Dog Tattoos - 03.
Dog Tattoos - 04.
Dog Tattoos - 05.
Dog Tattoos - 06.
Dog Tattoos - 07.
Dog Tattoos - 08.
Dog Tattoos - 09.
Dog Tattoos - 10.
foo dog tattoos 11.
foo dog tattoos 12.
foo dog tattoos 13.
canine ink art 05.
canine ink art 04.
foo dogs 01.
foo dogs 02.
foo dogs 03.
canine ink art 03.
canine ink art 02.
canine ink art 01.
animal ink art 10.
animal ink art 09.
animal ink art 08.
animal ink art 07.
animal ink art 06.
animal ink art 05.
animal ink art 04.
animal ink art 03.
animal ink art 02.
animal ink art 01.
canine designs 05.
canine designs 01.
canine designs 02.
canine designs 03.
canine designs 04.

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