'Talking Animals'—These Dog And Cat Videos Are Redubbed To Create Hilarious Voiceovers

Animals can't talk, but the ones in these videos can thanks to the ventriloquy talents of Andrew Grantham who runs the Talking Animals YouTube channel. Grantham has some special comic talents for imbuing the animals and their activities with hilarious characterizations.

That combined with some adept editing makes for not only deep fried comedy gold, but also seems to totally nail exactly what these animals are thinking. Or, at least, what it looks like they're thinking, if they thought like us.

Grantham makes the videos, which are submitted to him by fans of the channel, in his studio in Sudbury, Ontario, where he meticulously crafts the voiceovers.

Grantham starts by making sure each video he picks the animals are moving their mouths a lot, he then sits down and watches the clips imagining what the animals might be thinking.

"When you sit down and really pay attention, especially with the sound off, to the expressions of an animal in a video, it’s almost like a story emerges without even trying." he told Fast Company. "If not, it’s the wrong video. It literally does take 1,000 videos to come up with one."

It's worth it though. Check out some of his masterfully funny animal redubs below.

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