Dog Shower Thoughts - 30 Of The Deep Things Your Pet Pooch Thinks About But Can't Vocalize

Much like human shower thoughts where, amidst the the running water we might be inspired by some profound ruminations, Dog Shower Thoughts are the same, but with dogs. because, believe it or not, even pooches have funny thoughts to ponder.

Dogs might not be able to speak and so vocalize in human language what's going on inside their minds, but that doesn't mean to say there isn't anything going on. And that's what Dog Shower Thoughts are for.

Believe it or not there's even an entire subreddit dedicated to the concept, delivering ideas about what our canine friends might be thinking when going about their daily lives. Humans can't help speculating what's going on in their doggy brains. After all, we spend so much time around our pets it does make you wonder sometimes.

Hence the creation of Dog Shower Thoughts, it's a way of placing us inside the minds of dogs so we can see the world through their eyes and get their perspective. Plus, of course, there is plenty of humor thrown in too.

So we get insights like "What would I do with a squirrel if I actually caught one?", philosophical thoughts like "If master asks 'Who's a good boy?' when I'm not around, is it me?", and of course the thought they have every Christmas, "how come i can't bring a stick inside the house but my human can bring in a whole tree?"

So next time you pay attention to your dog, try to see past the floppy ears, that derpy look in their eye, the drooling mouth with it's huge tongue and try to remember there is a lot going on inside their heads besides wondering when their next meal is coming. For a canine Dog Shower Thoughts are serious business.

It's deep stuff. Check out some of them below.

30 Of The Best Dog Shower Thoughts

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funny thoughts to ponder 09.
funny thoughts to ponder 10.
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dog thoughts funny 02.
dog thoughts funny 03.
dog thoughts funny 04.
dog thoughts funny 05.
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